Role-play is certainly something to consider bringing into the bedroom to spice up your sex life. Even if you don’t need your sex life spiced up, isn’t it nice to pretend to be someone you’re not? It can be a masquerade of sorts every night if that’s what you want, and the scenarios are vast. Here I will give you ideas on role-play for beginners or pros, adapt these any way you’d like for a fun-filled evening.

There is not an instruction manual for how to roleplay, but information is everywhere on the internet. If you need a little encouragement to really indulge in it, check out the various resources that are available to you online. Eventually, you will learn how to roleplay and make your man go crazy with desire for you.

Secretary and Boss

Ah yes, the infamous secretary and boss scenario. If there were a play book on role-playing, this would probably be in the first chapter. You’re the secretary and your man is the boss. This can be played out multiple ways, even switching roles, but the most popular ones are the forbidden sexual attraction between the two, and the dominating boss scenario. Secretary is afraid of losing her job or wants a raise, so she gives the boss whatever he wants, sexual favours of course.


Nurse and Patient

You’ve seen it, the naughty, sexy nurse outfit in lingerie stores, online, maybe even in your closet. *wink*  Naughty nurse, you, needs to take care of the patient by any means necessary, and I do mean ANY. Men love a naughty nurse or candy stripper, it’s right up there with the whole french maid fantasy.


Dominatrix and Submissive

Needs no explanation really, pretty self-explanatory. Dominatrix controls and Submissive submits.  Easy peasy!


School Girl and Male Teacher (switch roles if you’d like)

The innocent schoolgirl has a crush on hot teacher, but it is taboo and against the rules. Take it up a notch with a catholic schoolgirl outfit like Britney Spears did in her video, “Hit me baby one more time”, more power to you if you already have an outfit similar to it.


Strangers in the Night

Two strangers see each other across the smoky dance floor, their eyes meet, and sparks ignite, the funny butterfly feeling in the pit of her belly begins as he walks across the bar to her, never losing eye contact…Yes, you know the story, the basis for every romance novel ever written. This one’s a real turn on, or so I’m told, by other women. The thought of a rendezvous with a complete stranger, always high on the fantasy list for us ladies.

If these aren’t your idea of role-playing, by all means, get creative! These ideas just lead you in the right direction, let your freak flag fly my friend. I do have a few words of advice though, when deciding to role-play, it’s better not to just spring it on your partner because it could be a total turn off. I know we like to surprise our men, but in this situation, it’s better to make a plan and discuss what said plan is. With this, you can both be prepared and even work yourselves up to it.

On a final note, do not think that the two of you are going to make it through the whole scenario without cracking up at one time or another, it will happen I promise you! Until next time, Enjoy!