In the art of Seduction, teasing is like a fresh drink of ice cold water on a hot day, and so much fun!

Wouldn’t you agree?

I know you’re nodding your heads now and ready to see what I have to say about this whole teasing thing.

So let’s get on with it shall we?

In this series, I will help you to learn the little seduction tips and tricks.

Seduction should be one of the first things learned when in a serious, loving, sexual relationship in my humble opinion.

Everyone wants to be seduced undeniably.

The sex is our main perk, but the pathway to the inevitable end result can be paved with so much more than just the act of sex.

Trust me on this, and you’ll understand.

Although these tips can be used on any gender you’re with.

I will use the typical male-female relationship scenario for a couple of reasons:

one I’ve been married to a man for 20+ years, and two, well, men are men!

I promise that these ideas and tips will help you have a productive night or day with your significant other, enjoy!

Now mind you, these are not the technical terms, just what my seductive little brain came up with.

Adapt these to your current lifestyle for the best results. *wink*

The All-Day Tease

When you first get up in the morning, and shower, be sure to glide by your partner wet and wrapped in a towel.

He will be watching you, have no doubt, then making sure he still is watching. Drop said towel and bend over to grab your clothes to begin dressing, each move should be deliberate.

Make sure that when you kiss him goodbye and you two part ways. Go ahead and give his cock a little squeeze, then walk away heading to work.

He’ll be all smiles afterward, knowing what’s in store for later.

Throughout the day send sexy text messages, maybe a sexy picture, not too revealing though, leave him something to visualise all day long.

Once you both are home, either tease some more or just get right down to business, but be warned, he will probably have a huge orgasm after this all day tease and may even last longer than normal.



The Spontaneous Tease

You’re sitting at dinner or even cooking dinner,

after all those noodles will take at least 10-15 minutes, what better time to do some teasing?

Walk up to him, grab on and start making out right there in the kitchen, with the noodles simmering in the background.

Want to be a little more subtle?

Then walk by and nibble his ear or grab his ass grinning like the Cheshire cat and when he tries to reciprocate.

Tell him not until after dinner, then hand him your undies and walk away.

Almost sounds cruel, but the end result will be well worth it.


The Strip Tease

Make sure to wear your sexiest bra and panties, or nothing at all (it’s your choice) under your clothes then sit him on the bed or chair, turn on some music and start gyrating.

You don’t have to be a pro at it, just strip down little by little, while he watches and literally grows with anticipation.

If you truly have no clue how to begin, Google it, there are instructions all over the internet.


The I’m-Horny-Now-Tease


Pretty much goes hand in hand with the spontaneous tease. Just walk up, give him a peck on the lips, and whisper in his ear that you want him to fuck you right now right here. Guaranteed this request will not be denied.

Let these few tips and ideas get you started, there is so much more that I could include, but then I’d be going on and on and on and don’t want to bore you into thinking that it’s not even worth the effort. If you want to, drop me a note, tell me how it went. Enjoy!