The Art of Domination


Become your man’s personal dominatrix in just a few easy steps.

We are women, watch us dominate!

Domination is a great tool to bring to the bedroom with you, it’s role-playing at its best.

Many men love to be dominated by a woman for different reasons, but the main one, in my humble little opinion, is to finally NOT be the one in control of sex.

It’s like someone has lifted a weight off the man’s shoulders, time to lay back and obey, instead of running the show and worrying about your performance.

To begin your little adventure to the dark side, the right clothing and accessories are a huge plus, but know that they are optional.

You can dress the part if you choose, but there’s nothing etched in stone to say you must. But if you’re going to, here’s my list of what to obtain:

  • Leather, leather, leather did I mention leather?

  • Dominant attitude

  • Sweet looking black boots or heels

  • Some sort of whip

  • Dog collars are handy too

  • A willing partner, huge MUST

So many more to list, but you get the idea.

Mind you those are only if you want to step it up a notch, otherwise, just being demanding and well, dominating is all you need, your man will eat it up and begging to have you right then and there.

When he gets home, or when you get home, lock all of the doors and rid yourself of distractions if you can. Walk up to him to say hi like normal couples do with a hello peck on the lips, then tell him what you plan to do to him and what part he’s going to play in your little tryst tonight.

You can start by telling him to perform oral sex on you, but not touch you anywhere else. Maybe even have him rub his own cock while you watch for a few moments. Or give him a little taste of that pert nipple, then push him away, letting him know you’re the one in charge and he either does what you want, or he doesn’t get to come that night, unless, of course, you LET him. A little smack on the tush and some light hair pulling or nail raking are good elements to include here.

The scenarios are vast, so just use your imagination, and don’t forget to set limits on what can and can’t happen. No need to go completely BDSM on him, unless, of course, you’re into that thing. Any way that you slice it, you being in control will make your man a happy and willing partner that will love to do all your bidding while you have him in your control. Enjoy!