As I have mentioned before, with the creation of the internet, talking dirty or rather writing dirty has become a big thing.

We can chat dirty on those little pop up chat windows, without hesitation.

Many people in the world that have trouble speaking dirty, have resorted to sexting because writing out your fantasies or turn ons is easier than saying them out-loud.

Is there a right way to sext and a wrong way? Hard to say really, though speaking my mind has never been an issue with me, even if it is laying in a gutter somewhere, but many people do so sexting is better for them.

The exact meaning of sexting per the experts that create such things is — “sending sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone.” Thank you Wikipedia for the help.

For those of you out there that are unfamiliar with this form of dirty talk, I’ll give you ideas and such to help you sext like a boss.


Try some of these tips, and see how your partner likes them.

  • Send a pic of your naughty bits, clothed or not, your choice. Clothed is better in a way because the tease is always fun
  • Send a pic of your cleavage, make sure to adjust the girls for the full effect
  • If your man loves you in make-up, fix your face up sultry and sexy, take a selfie, then send it off to him…big smile now!
  • Just for the heck of it, send him a pic of a sexy teddy or some sort of lingerie with a ‘?’ mark after it, he’ll understand
  • You can do the same thing with a sex toy you might be considering buying, same effect

Well those should give you an idea of the type of pics to send to your man, but be sure you know that he’s alone and can look at them.

This goes without saying, you surely do not want your naughty bits being seen by his co-workers or boss. Unless, of course…..(nope not going there)

Now it’s time to touch on some sexy, hot texts you can send your man, aka sexts.

Adjust these to your liking, and have a blast!

  • ”What are you wearing?” Yes, sounds like the beginning of any stalker movie or book right? But hey, I don’t make these up, I just go with the flow
  • “I’ve got a surprise for you,” pairing this with a sexy photo is good
  • “I’ve been a bad, bad girl…” and leave it at that, no explanation needed
  • “I want to kiss you all over.”
  • “What are you going to do to me tonight?”
  • “Let’s get naked!”

Those should at least get you started.

One thing I’ve seen multiple times in researching, is memories.

For example, send your partner a memory of something you guys shared in the past like maybe when you made out in the car and almost got caught by the police, or a favourite night of sex that you had recently.

Once you get the ball rolling, the sexting conversation can go in any direction, but hopefully it will lead right to the bedroom where it all started anyway.