Let’s talk about Masturbation


When we were kids, there were horror stories about masturbation.

Boys were told not to play with it because they’d go blind.

Girls were told that touching ourselves was evil or bad and a sin.

So for years we thought that touching ourselves down there was a sin in God’s eyes or whoever you happen to believe in.

What a way to traumatise a child eh? Nice job Mums and Dads.

Then along came sex education which explained more in depth of our naughty bits, and then came that hot guy your naughty bits started to ache for and BAM! We were hooked!

As sexual adults, masturbation should be a sure thing in any sexual relationship.

I know I enjoy watching my man jack himself and he enjoys watching me with my toys and such.

So masturbation, is not a bad thing afterall, it’s a huge turn on in a secure, sexual relationship.

As a matter of fact, I’ve heard sometimes we women cannot orgasm without it, and there is no doubt the orgasm we get from rubbing our clits is completely different than with penetration.

So, without further adieu, let’s see what masturbation tips I can share with you and yours.

Sit back and enjoy, there may be something here you have never thought of trying.

Masturbation with Toys

Bullets, clit suckers, nipple clamps, nipple suckers, dildos and vibrators, and more should be in your bag of tricks.

Bullets are egg shaped usually, with vibrators inside to give you the clitoral stimulation you’ll need for a clitoral orgasm.

These can always be used with a dildo, one in the hole, and one on your clit, then your man sucking on your nipples, guaranteed orgasm and he will be all worked up watching you do that to yourself.

If you really want to give him a show, ride one of those dildos while using the bullet on your clit, he will be bursting at the seams, literally.

Aside from the toys, feel free to use your hand since you have more control over it.

Sit back on the bed or chair, and start rubbing your pussy while your partner watches.

The thought of being watched excites even more, and look forward to some awesome sex afterward.

Don’t forget to lick your fingers a few times, to really get him going.


Mutual Masturbation

Believe it or not this is actually a thing and many couples use it during foreplay, or just to get each other off after a stressful day.

Pretty simple, he plays with your pussy, and you play with his cock, not a hard thing to figure out (excuse the pun!).

Men love to be jacked off by their women, and we love our pussies played with by our man, so another win-win situation.

There’s even groups of mutual masturbation, but that’s a whole different article.


Forced Masturbation

Not for the weak at heart, this one falls into the BDSM community.

You can, of course, adapt it to your situation.

You and your partner can force one of you to masturbate, then vice versa, and see where that leads you.

Nothing is off limits when you’re with someone you trust wholeheartedly.

With all of these forms of masturbation, no matter which one you choose, you will have a pleasurable time and your partner will be all smiles, especially when these all lead to awesome sex.

So forget what you’ve heard about masturbation, embrace it!