Tricks for a Perfect Seduction

Every woman should have her own bag of tricks.

By bag of tricks I mean, bag of toys and sexual paraphernalia.

You got it, dildos, vibrators, ticklers, handcuffs, nipple clamps, sensual oil, lubrication, and any other accessories you might need.

Why? Because face it, there will be times when our sexual needs may not always be met, and having this little bag of tricks can be our saviour.

There’s also a pretty good chance our man or partner will enjoy playing with different stimuli during sexual encounters.

Vibrators on the clit can do wonders for intercourse, and what man doesn’t like to fuck his woman with a dildo?

Not many I know of.

In any case, let me supply you with ideas on what every woman should have in their bag of tricks, believe me you can’t go wrong with these simple items.

Feel free to build from this list of ideas.

Some of the ideas near the end are optional.


well, this just goes without saying. When I say lingerie I’m also speaking about bras and panties, or intimate sleepwear as they are called, right up to teddies, babydolls, fishnets, garters, bustiers, you know, lingerie!

A Vibrator

yep, our little friend, the vibrator. Now they come in different shapes and sizes, of course, but you find one that you really like and that’s the one you go to time and time again. Sometimes, the smaller ones are the best. Less is more!

A Bullet

Okay, I know, a bullet vibrates, can’t that just be the vibrator? Well most definitely, bullets rock! But it’s always good to have both in your stash, just because.

Magic Wand–oh these puppies are the greatest. You may have to spend a little, but they are well worth it. These are also known to some as ‘Hitachi’s’, I just call mine BOB, battery operated boyfriend. They are great for solo play, or if you and your partner want to experiment with it, go for it! The right ones pack a lot of power, and it won’t take you long to reach climax at all.

G-spot Stimulator–since you’ve got your vibrator or bullet for your clitoris, you should have something to stimulate your G-spot as well. I’ve heard the glass ones are the greatest, but I prefer the rubber coated vibrating ones. A G-spot stimulator paired with either a bullet or vibrator will have you coming up off your chair with pleasure. What a way to go!

Cock Ring/Vibrating Cock Ring–every girl needs this for her man, because chances are he doesn’t have one just sitting in his wallet. The vibrating ones are the best because his cock becomes a real life vibrator, but the others do just as well. The rubber ones work the best, especially the adjustables, but silicone ones may be what you like better. If you want you can get the metal ones, but I would NOT recommend these, they tend to hurt your man’s package.

Anal/Butt Plug

not for me, but for you this may be good. Using the plug will give you double penetration while you and your man are playing, but be sure if you’re just beginning to explore anal play that you get the smaller ones. There are large ones out there, but not what I’d recommend unless you know you can take it.


a set of handcuffs is not out of the question, neither is rope or some other sort of restraint. The choice is up to you whether you want to get some or not.

This is my list of what every woman should have in her bag of tricks, like I said some are optional, but most are right on. These items in your collection will guarantee you and your partner a romping good time! Building up your toy collection can be fun and makes things wilder in the bedroom, or wherever you like to do your thing, I don’t judge. Enjoy!