TOP 7 Birthday Surprises for Your Man


When that time of year rolls around for your husband, there’s nothing more exciting than surprising him with something different when he walks through the door.

Here are 7 ways to give him a kinky birthday gift he deserves after a long, hard day



It’s a classic that never grows old.

You may already have some tucked away in the cupboard, but what can really get him going is a new, skimpy item.

Perhaps it’s even more adventurous than the one you already own.

Or, if you don’t have any lingerie, go out and treat yourself with something that he’ll like and makes you feel sexy as well.

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Lap Dance

Let him find you lounging around, relaxed, in any part of your place, dressed in lingerie and/or next to nothing.

That alone in itself is pretty hot. Then, sit him down somewhere and gently tease and motion yourself about him to some music.

Don’t say a word, and be in control. If you want to really impress him, maybe practice some moves from YouTube, or other websites.

Role Play

This is great fun, and can be hilariously sexy.

Role play that you’re his secretary, giving the boss a special, secret birthday gift.

Pretend you’ve broken in his house, and there’s only way to pay him back.

Or, go out on the town, and play the classic ‘we’ve never met before’, and see where that can take you.

Surprise Him at Work

Ask him to meet you for a casual lunch.

Then, if you’re feeling adventurous, head to a motel or the back of your car, for a quickie.

Alternatively, at the end of the working day, rock up and take him somewhere – a road trip, a weekend in a hotel – anything, dedicated to sex.


This speaks for itself, and it’s an idea most, if not all guys, can get around.

Your hubby finding you at home, tangled up with another, will blow his mind.

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Steak and Blow-Job

Screw the international holiday – make it his birthday special!

Or, if he’s no fan of steak, cook his favourite meal, perhaps in nothing but an apron.

Then treat him to dessert afterwards.

Movies & Toys

This is a little unconventional, but hear me out.

First, film yourself fooling around with some toys.

Then, send it to his phone.

Wait upstairs, in nothing but a smile, or anything else you think is kinky enough to wear, and use those said toys while you wait…

Let him find you, and take it from there.

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