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7 Sexy Birthday Surprises for Your Man


TOP 7 Birthday Surprises for Your Man   When that time of year rolls around for your husband, there’s nothing more exciting than surprising him with something different when he walks through the door. Here are 7 ways…

Learn to Seduce: Oral Sex (Blow Job)

Learn How to Seduce

Oral Sex – An art   Oral Sex I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain, we all pretty much know what it is right? I thought so. Other than the sex act itself, Oral Sex is the…

Learn to Seduce: Bag of Tricks

Learn How to Seduce

Tricks for a Perfect Seduction Every woman should have her own bag of tricks. By bag of tricks I mean, bag of toys and sexual paraphernalia. You got it, dildos, vibrators, ticklers, handcuffs, nipple clamps, sensual oil, lubrication,…

Learn to Seduce: Masturbation

Learn How to Seduce

Let’s talk about Masturbation   When we were kids, there were horror stories about masturbation. Boys were told not to play with it because they’d go blind. Girls were told that touching ourselves was evil or bad and…

Learn to Seduce: Dirty Talk

Learn How to Seduce

Let’s talk Dirty   Being a child of the 80’s the first thought I have when I hear the phrase Talk Dirty, is the hair band Poison’s hit from 1987,  “Talk Dirty to Me”, and then it stays…

Learn to Seduce: Sexting (Writing Dirty)

Learn How to Seduce

As I have mentioned before, with the creation of the internet, talking dirty or rather writing dirty has become a big thing. We can chat dirty on those little pop up chat windows, without hesitation. Many people in…

Learn to Seduce: Domination

Learn How to Seduce

The Art of Domination   Become your man’s personal dominatrix in just a few easy steps. We are women, watch us dominate! Domination is a great tool to bring to the bedroom with you, it’s role-playing at its…

Learn How to Seduce: Tease

Learn How to Seduce

In the art of Seduction, teasing is like a fresh drink of ice cold water on a hot day, and so much fun! Wouldn’t you agree? I know you’re nodding your heads now and ready to see what…

Learn to Seduce: Roleplay

Learn How to Seduce

Role-play is certainly something to consider bringing into the bedroom to spice up your sex life. Even if you don’t need your sex life spiced up, isn’t it nice to pretend to be someone you’re not? It can…

Learn to Seduce: Lingerie

Learn How to Seduce

Silk, satin, fishnet, lace, mesh, cotton, and even leather and chains if you are feeling frisky. Lingerie comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, just like we do, so what’s not to like about it? Ask any man…