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Leather and Vinyl Lingerie


Leather and Vinyl Lingerie   Sexy lingerie made from: leather, vinyl, PVC, wet look… Examples of materials are usually associated with the kink scene and the fetish lifestyles. If you’ve ever tried on a vinyl bodysuit, you’ll know…

Pasties are Everything


Pasties   You know what’s HOT right now? Pasties! Otherwise known as nipple covers. Sydney Mardi Gras Parade 2017 was full of beautiful women (and men) wearing pasties and bottoms and every single one of them looked fabulous!…

Outfit of the Day: Cotton Chemise and Lace Thigh High Stockings

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the Day: Cotton Chemise and Lace Thigh High Stockings Why is this the lingerie outfit of the day? One word: simplicity. What this lingerie outfit shows is the delicacy of the female form yet it also…

Silk Lingerie


Silk Lingerie   Silk is often thought of as fabric for the riches. It’s lush, soft, and sensual on the skin. In lingerie, it’s used for bras, panties, garter belts, kimonos, robes and more. Lingerie fabrics of charmeuse,…

What is Sexy Lingerie?


What is sexy lingerie? Is it lace?  leather? cotton? silk? I really don’t believe it’s any of those. Those are fabrics. You choose the fabrics based off your aesthetic choices. If you prefer the feel of harder leather against…